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My “Be Happy!” Playlist!

Ways To Go // Group Love
Wake Me Up // Avicii
On Top Of The World // Imagine Dragons
This Is How We Do // Katy Perry
Break Free // Ariana Grande ft. Zedd
Sing // Ed Sheeran 
Boom Clap // Charli XCX
What You Know // Two Door Cinema Club
Stay The Night // Zedd ft. Hayley Williams
Best Day Of My Life // American Authors 

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“i want to you to know while you’re here tonight, while we’re all here together, when you look around, please believe you’re a part of something, right now, this is proof, you are part of something; music is a great—an amazing— thing to be a part of, it goes on well after our lives are over; it’s— i’m just so thankful for, for all of this, ‘cause this is family right here. this is great. anyway, there are the things, these are the times and the nights that i remember when we were in those moments when we feel like we are lost and there’s no where to go or we just don’t know where to go, um we wrote this song called last hope about that feeling. we’ll play it now.” -hayley williams (8.30.14, toledo ohio)

In my mind, I wanted to tie this to this metaphor that I’ve been thinking about a lot because all I think about are metaphors and cats. My idea was that life itself, and who people actually are, can be greatly reflected in how they dance. I really think that. And I don’t mean how good you are, I mean your willingness to dance. You can kind of tell, if you go to a house party and you see that there’s like this group of people over here that are too cool for school and they’re over here and there just like ‘oh my God. Those people are dancing. That is so weird that they’re like dancing.’ You know, those people, I don’t feel like, are having as good of a time as the people they’re making fun of. The people who don’t care how they look dancing, cause they like dancing. I’m not projecting or anything. But basically, I love the idea that you can tell who someone is by how they dance. And so we started talking about ideas and we basically decided that we would get this huge group of incredible professional dancers, of all different types of dance, and throw me into the middle of them and see what happens.
Taylor on the ‘Shake It Off’ music video (via swiftnetwork)
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